Side Bar Saturday

Side Bar Saturday


Side Bar in hand with Party Naked give you the whole hook up on Saturday Night. Leave any significant others behind to get sauced up with the squad and hook up with a honey. With a constant rotation of the hottest DJs in San Diego get ready for a steamy night on the dance floor when you hit the Side Bar club. Want to take it easy? Hang out in the relaxing lounge and see if you can woo a mate for the night in this arousing setting. Some of the DJ’s that come by regularly to heat up the floor include Kaos, Craig Smoove, and Kyle Flesch . Don’t miss out on the fun or on ‘The one that got away’

Side Bar is an unique combination of being an  ultra-lounge and nightclub, and provides a dynamic aesthetic with classic sex appeal, and hosts San Diego’s hottest Industry Night every Wednesday.

A savy array of leather booths and velvet couches serve as both lounge seating and bottle service tables. A cluster of maroon birdcages dangle from the lofted ceiling above the front lounge to add to Side Bar’s erotic vibe.
The caged theme is a focal point of the club; a life-size birdcage that houses the DJ and doubles as a stage for go-go’s to climb in and boost the high-energy dancing crowd that gets wild below.

A custom-designed ambient lighting package provides just the right mood for any given event while the unique collection of sensual paintings and decor provide subtle distractions. Side Bar offers an experience that is both stimulating and suggestive, depending upon where you are standing.

Dress Code:
Side Bar is an upscale nightclub experience, dress code is upscale casual.

– No hats or head coverings of any kind
– No athletic shoes/wear or jerseys
– No work boots of any color
– No hoodies or sweatsuits
– No excessively baggy clothes
– All chains or pendants must be tucked in
– No shorts*
– No sandals*

For Guest list & VIP Bottle Service Reservations, email vip@wepartynaked.com or contact 619.395.5618.

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