DJ J-Louis





In a world where everyone is a DJ, JLouis strives to be the DJ that the industry is looking for. He is self-taught on vinyl and understands there is more to DJing then fist pumping and pushing bu@ons. Calling himself an open format DJ, he knows that means being able to play a much wider variety of music then just what’s popular now.

With a background working in the Las Vegas club scene and the fesGval circuit, JLouis understands the concept of a DJ being not only an entertainer but also playing a key role in becoming a valuable working cog in the machine that is a successful nightclub. With a goal to give the club goers an unforge@able night of dancing to good music as well as creaGng a unique atmosphere for every venue, JLouis allows the club managers to spend more Gme running the club and less Gme worrying about a “diva talent.”

As a DJ who understands the importance of keeping VIP’s happy, knowing his equipment inside and out, and doesn’t drink, JLouis represents a no hassle DJ who just gets the job done. He is the first one in and the last one out. He gets to know everyone who works at the club. He keeps the patrons hands in the air, couples dancing on the floor with everyone buying drinks Gll last call. Quite simply, when JLouis is on the flyer, it’s going to be a great night.