DJ Tripset



april, 2022

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Born in the underground and here to stay, Josh Van Dermark otherwise known as Tripset is inspired by all aspects of music. Tripset is the young DJ/Producer out ofsunny San Diego. This production beast is creating at least half the content he spins, ensuring new content with every set, providing the soundscapes of you nightlife.

Tripset has been successful enough to share the stage with artists such as TJR, Bul!m!atron, Vandal Squad, Dj Arcade, Kenneth Thomas, Victor Dinaire, Myon & Shane 54, BRAZZABELLE, and Mark Pledger. When asked about his music he responded “I’vealways had a passion for music and dance but I was never able to afford the luxuryof exploring DJ’ing and Producing music growing up, but with the advancements in technology that’s all been able to change.” His upbeat mixing and ability to energize anyaudience is what continues to set hip apart.

Clearly of Dutch heritage (Van Dermark), Tripset is deeply inspired by Dutch House, along with other genres and in comingmonths looks to be crating a new fusion of Melbourne Bounce with Dutch House. Thisnew sub-genre Dutch Bounce will be the niche of production to set him apart and drive him forward. His already experimentally expressive sound has captivated audiences with tracks such as “Slo Down”, “Beat Drops”,and “Smile Isle” (receiving support at intervention last summer) with an upcoming EP on 2the5th Entertainment. Make sure to stay connected to watch the progression of this rising star.